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We deliver all-inclusive data-driven service website that are scalable to embrace the evolution of your market.


VIDEO strategy

We help you to create videos messaging
backed with digital marketing strategies and campaigns.


We transcend your brand with storytelling triggers that will drive convertion results.


Rebranding * Films * Photos * Writings * Web Design * SEO/SEA* Strategy * Campaign* Community Management* E-Commerce * Cookies policies * GDPR


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Storybased Academy

New generation of leaders * Innovative and intensive Programs

Video marketing strategies training

We provide workshops & webinars about video marketing strategies so that you acquire all skills required to do the work by yourself. 


Learning by doing digital strategy

While we partner on resolving a specifc digital strategy issue,  we educate you to take the hand on it. As a take-away, we give you all the film-recordings  to further study at home.


start-up booster

The startup booster equips entrepreneurs with practical knowledge, a roadmap to turn strategic ideas into actions and a communication toolkit including you first website.




Some words about storybased

Your work was exemplary. (…) I’m a fan of watching creatives grow into the talents, as you so clearly did.  (…) I think you have an especially strong knack for filmmaking editing. This is a skill and talent that can take people far in this business. (…)
Tom Jennings

Screenwriter & Filmmaker, New York Times

Émilie a fait preuve d’un grand professionnalisme avec beaucoup d’humanisme. J’ai bénéficié d’un accompagnement sur mesure, totalement adapté à mes besoins. Ce fut un réel plaisir de travailler avec Émilie.

Sophie Boulnois

Coach Mentor Conseillière, Luxembourg

Emilie is an amazing storyteller, with whom i had the opportunity to work in a documentary written by her. Before shooting, she had the ability to perfectly coach me on how she wanted my character to be as natural as possible. The end result was exactly how i interact day to day, in real life. Emilie’s ideas clearly show her natural talent, passion & inspirations.

Thierry Freire

Coach Sportif & Acteur , Creator at 1m2Fit® fit in a square meter™

Latam bridge is a Latin America opening markets startup connecting our client’s needs with potential solutions.

We needed digital marketing strategies to quick test our market but not only : we needed to rely on a strategical trusted partner that would advise us with a visionary ability to scale our business.

Storybased fine-tunes its consultancy services while keeping an eye on the big picture.

The fact that storybased is able to advise us on digital strategies while producing state of the art marketing content to test our market has helped us to grow strategically online in a record time.

Alexis Meyer

Founder, Latam Bridge, Mexico

Une vision dans l’air du temps et une stratégie de communication puissante basée sur des exemples de réussite internationale.

Kehdija Pereira

CEO, Business Coach, Eyvaifos, Luxembourg

I highly recommend Emilie. She is a very involved and passionate person, enthusiastic with always new ideas. She is very professional in business digital strategy advice, using her strong legal and marketing skills.


Certified Mediator, ZMB, Luxembourg

Emilie has worked on the digital business strategy of my jewellery brand. Her vision is very creactive and powerful. She targets perfectly the client needs and gives an efficient approach of the solutions. She follows-up the evolution of the brand with rigor and give regularly strong advice for improvement and evolution. I have truly appreciated her honesty, understanding and innovative ideas. I will keenly work with her again.

Charlotte Camille Salanon

CEO, Ibikéyé

Your film is a terrific blend of story and imagination that says to me that you will tell wonderful and dynamic stories.

David I.

Screenwriter & Author & Film Director, NYC

We live in a world of constant evolution where videos marketing strategies have the power to entertain, educate, convert your leads and make visible impact. 

Storybased is a video strategy agency that accompanies brands in their brand content, digital strategy and the use of data to serve their growth.

Let’s collaborate & shape up your

video marketing strategy !

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